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Howdy folks,

I've been having a hard time getting the clutch dialed in on my '79 Bonnie. So I have two questions for you:

1. How much leeway do I have in the clutch pushrod length? Spec says 11.812" to 11.822" is the range. Mine is a hair under 11.8. I don't suspect 1/100th of an inch can make that much difference.

2. When reassembling the clutch, what are your ancient secrets? I heard something about roughing up the steel plates to keep them from sticking. Also, what's your base adjustment for the spring caps. Manual says "screw them in until the threaded rods are engaged half of the way into the cap bolts." Then on to the wobble test.


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You are good on the rod, the clutch actuator ball ramp will be within working range.

Leave enough cable slack so it doesn't exceed the travel distance on a "full pull" and the balls jam on the flat spot of the ramp disc.

If you look at the 3 clutch adjuster screws, you want the threads to starft to appear between the slots, but no protrude to the outer edge or beyond the face of the slotted screw heads.

I typically rough up the steel plates by scrubbing them in a circular pattern on my concrete shop floor, to "de-glaze" them.

All this has worked well fop me, your results may vary...
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