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I am gather parts for a zrx front end swap and I thought I would look into swapping out or ideally upgrading the clutch master cylinder so that I can have a unified look when I swap out the brake master cylinder. Looking around I have found a few options and I wanted to get some opinions as well as compile some information about what would be compatible with the stock setup regarding master cylinder bore sizes. From past posts I believe the stock bore size is 14mm but you could get away with a 5/8 in diameter bore as well, does anyone have any information to confirm or deny this? Here are three options I have run into in my research.

  • OEM ZX7R - This option was used by MickMaguire in his front end swap and I believe this has the same size bore as stock.
  • eBay fake Brembo Ducati - I have no idea what bore size this is however they can be had for very cheap (~$30), but they could be a complete waste as the quality is in question.
  • OEM ZX14 - For me I think this is the ideal situation however I can't find the bore size for the life of me. The reason why I think this might be the best solution is because this is a radial master cylinder giving an upgrade in performance and feel . In addition when I upgrade to the dual calipers I could use a ZX14 brake master cylinder and have similar levers.

The biggest unknown of this whole project is the bore size issue, so if anyone has any input or knowledge of the solutions I threw out there let me know. Also if there are any levers I have passed over, bring them up.
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