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clutch cable

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Any problems with the 2005/06 sprint st clutch cables like they do with the speed triples?
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DaveM, ever the patient Master to the grasshoppers. :lollol:

ricster, I can guess your region's snow and freezing temps are killing you with that new baby sitting in lock down. Sounds like you're having doubts about the choice you made going by the gist of your recent posts. Keep the faith, soon Mother Nature will provide blue skies and clear roads. Then you can ride, ride, ride, and ride some more! I ride with a S3 owner and it is based on his and the guys on these triple forums experience with the 3's that made me start looking for one. You made a great choice, maybe transition your research towards some trip planning, you know, the good Karma stuff.

BobW (old Woodbury farmboy) :razz: :chug:
SoCal, go up to the 4th "sticky" topic on this Forum, it references parts. A couple of posts into it will be one that has a highlighted "clicky". Clicky that "clicky" and it will bring you to the information.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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