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Clear or colored lexan headlight protectors ????

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I've noticed some headlamp protectors on e-bay, I'm thinking about getting some as insurance against rock chips in my headlights I can only imagine what the stealers want for a new headlight glass :mad: , My question is of anyone that has them should I get just the clear or tinted, smoked?? Does the tinting reduce your light output at night? ....I'm thinking the light smoke or blue would look very trick :) does anyone have any pics of theirs installed?
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Ive got a clear cover that goes over the two lights and the cyclops parking light. Works great with Phillips vision + 50 white bulbs. Its held on by small (home made ) Velcro tabs.

This was given to me by "Beach" on this list after he got the 05 and had this left over from his 99. You will need to ask him where he got it from.

What I do like about it is that it is not obtrusive and it does protect the lights from stone chips, etc that occur regularly on or OZ roads.

Good luck...

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