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Classified Rules

The Classifieds are only for qualifying members of this forum to buy/sell/trade items belonging to the member.

Selling in the Classifieds

You must have been a member of this site for at least 30 days or have made 10 posts to the site to sell in the Classified section. This is to to deter scammers. Classifieds created by members who do not meet these rules will not be approved by the moderating team and will be deleted. Premium and Lifetime members are exempt from the 30 days or 10 post rule.

Posting Requirements
  1. For Sale posts must include an original image of the actual item they are selling. The pic must be of the item being sold itself and not a generic pic from the retailer or manufacturer.
  2. You must post a price. This isn't an auction site. While "or best offer" is allowed, a price must be specified.
Any classified not meeting these criteria will not be approved.

Other rules

  1. eBay and Craigslist links are allowed.
  2. Wanted To Buy postings are allowed. Please include "WTB" at the beginning of the post's title.
  3. Ads by Commercial Enterprises are not allowed in the classifieds. If you are a business (as determined by this site's Administrators), making or supplying any items for financial gain, your ad will be deleted. Any items personally created or crafted by members as a one-off or small-batch should be posted in the 'Hobby Shop' sub-forum.
  4. will not be liable for anything sold or bought on the site. Any issues are between the buyer and seller, and moderators and administrators are unlikely to arbitrate any differences. If a moderator or administrator decides a member has been unreasonable or dishonest in a transaction they may ban that user from the site.

    Buyers are strongly recommended and are SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for checking all the details of the motorcycle or items that they intend to purchase. Caveat emptor, Caveat venditor.

    Sellers are to represent the true facts and description of their motorcycle and/or items for sale. Liens and third party interests and issues with title must be declared.

  5. The Classified sections are the only forums where members "For Sale" and "Want to Buy" ads can be placed. Such posts in the other forums are not allowed. Selling items by PM is not allowed.
  6. Members may only sell items on their own behalf in the Classifieds. Selling on behalf of other members or non-members of the forum is not allowed. You may not act as a middle-man in any transaction.
  7. Post ramping (posting trivial and/or meaningless posts) to achieve the 10 post requirement is not allowed. Such posts will be deleted.
  8. Administrators and Moderators have the right to delete any item for any reason they see fit.

Classifieds more than three months old may be deleted from the site.

It is advisable to have your location listed in your public profile to aid potential buyers or sellers to the city and/or country where you live.

These rules form part of this sites AUP.

If you have any questions contact one of the Moderators, if we can't handle it we'll bring it up to an Administrator.
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