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A reputable chrome plating shop can remove chrome, no problem.
The previous owner had chromed the primary cover of my '79. There was no local shop and so I sent it to :
They stripped the chrome off that item and stripped & re-chromed my carrier rack. Total cost with shipping...$150.
Good guys & very professional.

I'm with you Bultaco... polished aluminum has 'form follows function' class... chromed aluminum is just glitz... mostly appreciated by those who wear 'do-rags'.

Now which of those Bultacos did you ride? Mine were 1971 Lobito 175, 1973 Pursang 250 and 1975 Sherpa T-350. Had some Montesas too... '73 Capra 125, '74 Cota 247, Mini-Cota for my son & the best of all...'76 Enduro 250.
Best regards,
Dave :cool:
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