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Checking Valve Clearances: Proper Interval?

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My Haynes says at 6000 mile intervals, starting at 6000. The "Owner's Manual" says at 4000 and 8000 and then contradicts itself with a confusing "4/6000" and "8/12000" etc. page towards the back where the dealer is to stamp that the service was done.

Which is it?

Monte :???:
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Monte, I reached the 12000 mark this summer and had the bike in for the winter, seat and tank off and wrench in hand.
I could not make my brain rip into a perfectly running and sounding engine, disturbing a non-leaking gasket and looking for a problem that isn't there. When I hear a ticking sound, feel a vibration or some symptom takes place, THEN I will check for a problem. :-D
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