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Checking Valve Clearances: Proper Interval?

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My Haynes says at 6000 mile intervals, starting at 6000. The "Owner's Manual" says at 4000 and 8000 and then contradicts itself with a confusing "4/6000" and "8/12000" etc. page towards the back where the dealer is to stamp that the service was done.

Which is it?

Monte :???:
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Well, isn't this all confusing. The official Triumph UK maintenance chart that whoa has the link to says that the FIRST check/adjust is at 12000 miles. The maintenance chart that is available here on this site says 8000 miles for the first check/adjust.

12000 sounds fine to me.

Thanks for the imput.


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Thanks, guys.

And, Larry, you are right about the Haynes. I misread it. It says 12000. Thanks for clearing up the change in the interval. Come to think of it they did the same thing on the Tbird once they found out that it could go a lot longer without a check.

12000 it is. I shouldn't hit that before late summer since I do most of my commuting and local riding on the Hawk.

Hope things are well down there in the state of my birth.

"Oklahoma, where the wind comes whistling o'er the plains! -- and the dust, and the bugs, and the snow, and the rain..................................." Seriously, for some weird reason we are having your kind of winter weather back here. Supposed to be in the low 50s, again, starting tomorrow for the next three days. Normally, the ground is covered with some white stuff by now. We had exactly one "snowfall" of less than one inch so far, back in mid November. If this be the result of "global warming" then bring it on!

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