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Check your Radiator hose clamps!


Just a reminder to check your hose clamps during maintenance.
I have an '08 with 6K.
I removed the lowers to install frame sliders.
Darned if there wasn't a little moisture in the bottom of the fairing.
Just a dribble. Dime sized.
I checked the coolant tank and it was empty.
I checked the radiator and its full.
I then 'touched' the left lower hose clamp with a screw driver.
It dribbled!
I checked the upper it was good.
I then checked the Right side and the upper was loose too!

So while I was checking these clamps, I noticed how narrow they are
3/16" ? maybe?
Off to the auto parts store!
I now have 1/2" wide clamps, and they can be tightened
and loosened with an 8mm socket or flat blade screw driver.
I wonder what the racers use?
The new WIDER clamps should stop the leaks and give me peace of mind.
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