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I have been trying to track down what is wrong with my '12 675R for a while now, and for the life of my cannot figure out what it might be... Battery strong at over 13v :)

The only thing that I can get to work is the tach sweep when I hook the battery up.

Symptoms when I turn the key:
- No tach lights, display, nothing...
- Rear tail light dim

Some weird things (maybe? I loathe electrical issues...):
- Tail light gets brighter when the kill switch is flipped to kill
- Flipping either turn signal gives me hazards out back

What I've tested so far:
- Battery
- R/R
- Stator
- All fuses, replaced

Also, I've unplugged the the kill switch from the main harness which leads to a normally running bright tail. I've unplugged the tip over sensor by the dash, checked the clutch sensor, taken the tuner off, and don't know where else to go after now.

Am I dealing with a failed key/ignition cylinder, or some short around there? I have tried to search for similar problems, but everyone else seems to have some sort of dash or some other power.

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Did somebody scramble up the wiring at some point? It sounds like the wiring harness is a mess. If it hasn't been rewired by a teenager after his first round of way too much beer, then look for chafed wires. It's hard to plug in the connectors in the wrong place, but that is about all else I can think of. It doesn't sound like the usual charging system problems.
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