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chain and sprocket changing

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I want to go to a larger rear sprocket and new chain on my 04 Daytona. I haven't done this procedure before. Can I pull the sprocket off while the bike is on a rear stand through the hub? And if I order a new 530 chain, can I be sure it will be long enough for the larger 45 tooth sprocket? Also, which chain tool do I need to get the new link riveted in place?

If there's a site that explains all this, please point me to it!
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What size are you going with? Staying with the stock size chain or dropping to a 520?
Anyways. When you buy a chain, you buy it long and cut it to fit. Count the # of links on your stock chain and buy the next longest. For a rivet tool, try the Motion Pro or buy a spare clip type link, install chain and sprockets with clip link, ride to dealer and have them rivet in the proper link (which comes with the chain) . It's a 5 minute job.

Cheers, Lee S
*****, forgot to say that if it's a ssswinger, you can change them on the sidestand no problem.
Cheers, Lee S.
No problem If you have a rear stand which goes in from the right, it's easy-peasy. Loosen the pinch bolt, adjust the eccentric chain adjuster as far forward as possible and lift the chain off the sprocket. Take the 6 bolts out of the rear sprocket and off she comes. Installation is the reverse.
Tip, grind the chain with a buzzer or angle grinder to get it off, it's much easier.
If you know someone with an impact gun and compressor, hit them up as it makes removing the front sprocket much easier. Do'nt use it when re-installing, though. A nice even pull with a tourque wrench with a 2x4 yhrough the rear wheel while standing on the rear brake (sounds difficult, but isn't) is the way to do it.
Good luck.
Cheers, Lee S.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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