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chain and sprocket changing

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I want to go to a larger rear sprocket and new chain on my 04 Daytona. I haven't done this procedure before. Can I pull the sprocket off while the bike is on a rear stand through the hub? And if I order a new 530 chain, can I be sure it will be long enough for the larger 45 tooth sprocket? Also, which chain tool do I need to get the new link riveted in place?

If there's a site that explains all this, please point me to it!
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oldyeller, Don't forget to change the c/s sprocket also.

There always is some excess links with a new chain...well, so far anyway. Use the same brand tool as the chain. The old chain will have to have a pin smoothed flush with a link and the pressed/driven through.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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