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chain and sprocket changing

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I want to go to a larger rear sprocket and new chain on my 04 Daytona. I haven't done this procedure before. Can I pull the sprocket off while the bike is on a rear stand through the hub? And if I order a new 530 chain, can I be sure it will be long enough for the larger 45 tooth sprocket? Also, which chain tool do I need to get the new link riveted in place?

If there's a site that explains all this, please point me to it!
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Thanks for the info, guys. I'll probably buy the Motion Pro since I can't imagine a dealer around here actually doing anything while I wait, five minute job or not. I'd probably have to leave the bike for 3 days!

So, I can get the rear sprocket off and replace it with the bike on the side stand? What about using a rear stand through the axle from the right side of the bike? Do you have to remove the wheel to get the sprocket off (I guess not if it can be done on the side stand)?
Oh, and I'm sticking with the 530 chain.
Thanks, Lee. Sounds like it should be pretty straight-forward. I have an angle grinder so I'll get the chain off with that. I replaced the front sprocket with a 17T a few thousand ago so I think I'll be okay not replacing it this time.

Can't wait to try the bike with the new gearing...I think it's gonna be a lot nicer for the around town riding I normally do.

1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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