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I have just fitted a Norman Hyde centre stand, I ordered it Sunday online direct from N.H's web site recieved it today.
On the down side it was twice the postage cost of a Renntec grab rail orderd at the same time direct from Renntec, and that arrived yesterday!
Hydes packing also leaves a lot to be desired, the bloody stand was poking out of a flock lined Jiffy bag on arrival, and at first I thought I'd lost the fixing kit, but it had worked its way between the linings of the bag, and next stop was out of the tear.
Having said all this, the stand itself seems well made, was easy to fit, although the picture (1!) in the instructions is as much use as a concrete candle.
Seems like a decent bit of paint on it too, although I dont expect that to last too long.
Fitting time about 1/2 hour
I had read they are difficult to use, too much rear end weight and hard to lift, but mine slides up onto the stand with no trouble at all, and is just as easy to get off.
It come out at £117.79GBP, as opposed to £156 for the same thing from Triumph.
I hope this is of some use to some one.
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