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On 2006-12-08 11:09, sweatmachine wrote:
Thrux-ton-up, wonder what one of those yammies would run cost wise.

I guess it could be street legal?
Ron Woods Racing lists all cost on the website - looking at about a 10,000 bike as it sits I would guess. You could spend another 4-5 g's on the motor upgrades offered.

That 201 pounds would be be like riding your schwinn sting ray with 70 HP :-D

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I've ridden a yzf450 (or is it yz450f?) before. A buddy of mine had one. Talk about instant power at any rpm.

It feels like a giant 2 stroke. 4 speed, I rode it on the street a few times. It would lift the front end just rolling on the throttle in all 4 gears, and that's in dirt bike form...I bet the lil' dirt tracker chassis is lighter. Hmm, raise the gearing a bit, throw a 2 gallon tank on their and terrorise everything on the road...

That motor revs uber-fast, sounds wicked (13-1 comp), and is like a giant 2 stroke. Fun!
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