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Caribbean Triumph

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Hi All,
A few months ago I transported my '78 T-140 to Vieques Island, Puerto Rico where it now resides permanently. The island is just 20 miles by 5 miles but it has some great twisting mountain/jungle roads... third, fourth & fifth gear & non-stop action. Winter temperatures are 72F at night and 82F during the day... constant. For those interested, here are a few pics of the island & my beloved '78. There are only about 25 motorcycles total on the island and it seems my T-140 is the only Triumph and also the oldest thing on 2 wheels.
I'm back on the cool & rainy Florida Panhandle now and am already dreaming of next year in the Caribbean.

Anyone interested in visiting the island, my wife Jenny & I offer:

and there are other rentals available on this relatively undiscovered caribbean island.

Best Regards,
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I took a look at the pictures of a 1979 work in progress on your site. I noticed that it has a nice Primary
Case breather in place of the ugly tube that runs along the back
fender of my 1974 T120 Bonneville.
Q.Is that standard on the 79, can I make it fit my Bonneville?
If yes, where can I get one.
Bruce Houghton
Thanks Dave, Britcycle is only 60 miles from me. Very convenient.
I got this 1974 Bonneville 1 week before Christmas, 50 years since
I last owned a Triumph, and 10 years of dreaming about getting
another. Unfortunately it's in my garage, I can't do anything with
it until spring and it's driving me crazy. So I just sit here and
dream, and dream, and dream.
Thanks allot...
Bruce Houghton.
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