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Carbs to Fuel Injection

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Whats involved to change from carbs to EFI. And what kind of price are you looking at.

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not too expensive at all. Do a google for Megasquirt. According to Jojje the whole setup can be bought for under $500. You have to do all the tuning though.

Megasquirt FI computer ~$300
Wideband Lambda sensor ~$150+
Used Throttle Bodies with injectors off ebay ~$50-200

You'll need a laptop to tune it, but you can set the A/F ratio you desire (should be 13-1) and the wideband Lambda sensor will adjust the fuel to match that ratio.
I wish I had that 'pressurized' intake! That's a helluva NARK.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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