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Carb icing??????

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Can anybody tell me if the triples suffer from carb icing?Coming to work today,engine misfiring and would not idle.The throttle felt very heavy and unresponsive,also_Over 3500 rpm would clear up and be OK.The weather was foggy and around zero degrees.Does this sound like the symptoms to expect?One extra thought,switched off at work,clocked in,then restarted after no more than two minutes,the bike ran absolutely fine. Idled properly and revved up correctly
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Thanks,I will nip in the chemist on the way home.
If mermory serves correctly.A ful tank holds 18 litres of fuel,1% is 18cc.That said I stand to be corrected as maths is not my best subject.

Quality advice yet again.Thanks Slinky the surgical spirit did the trick.Ran up to the derby dales in the fog and cold approx 70 miles,once fully warm never gave any problems,ran smooth as silk.Return journey in good weather new years eve,was even better than normal.I now keep a bottle in the shed,ready for bad weather.

Happy new year to all :chug:
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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