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I've always had mine plugged into the garage regular wall outlet. I don't think you're supposed to use an extension cord with them.

I wouldn't worry about running a new circuit/breaker unless you have problems with constant tripping, I'm sure what's in your garage will be fine.

They can make some really nice welds, I've gotten to where I can make some nice "row of coins" welds with mine, and it's just a cheapie flux-core.

I do run the .035, but it can run the .030 with different tips. I like the bigger .035 because it burns brighter and it's easier to see through my shield, which is an auto-darkening #11 lincoln shield from home depot.

Once you tune it right, meaning get the knobs adjusted for temperature, and wire speed, spatter shouldn't be a problem. If you have a lot of spatter then your wire is moving too fast for the temp you're welding.

Spatter really isn't an issue. They are a lot of fun too.

tools you'll need:
-angle grinder and a ton of cutting disks, and grinding/sanding disks

-drill (I have a stepped bit which wasn't cheap but it's great)
-big ass bench vise
-steel table sure is nice, but not necessary.
-big wire brush
-clamps/vices etc
-speed square, tape measure, etc

that should get you a big start.

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IMO,you guys can`t go too wrong with any of your rigs. I mostly gas weld my stuff,but I have a little Lincoln HD100 wirefeeder that runs on 110v. Its a simple 4 position heat range and will run at the end of a 50' 12-3 extension cord.I run it off my work trucks Honda 5000 generator with the auto-throttle switched off.I use the .035 flux core too and had no problems burning in a C notch kit in my 72 Chev PU. And like you say,the kits are cheap for aluminum. :cool:

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Well to bring this thread back to life. I just shorten my rear stock signals a tad over an inch and the front a tad over a half inch. Here's some pictures, sorry their kinda dark.
Before front-

After front-

Rear After-

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On 2007-01-12 13:01, D9 wrote:

Looks good!

btw... whose riding suit is that hanging up there on the upper left - the orange
one with the critters on it?




ps those mirrors, functionality notwithstanding, are absolutely gorgeous - wow!
Stop looking into my junky garage!!! :-D Uhh,That was my riding suit for the Tony the Tiger ride for kids! Naaaa, just left over clothes from my wifes yardsale that I'm slowly getting her to give away. Thanks! The mirrors are half usable actually. The inside half gives a good view of the inside of my elbows and the outside gives me a good view of what's behind me. I like the looks so much that I keep using them.
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