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On 2006-12-03 21:24, n578md wrote:
Thank you sir. A lot of soldering and heat-shrink tubing went into this little project. I could not figure out how to remove the connector shells on the turn signal wires. The damned things would just not come off no matter how hard I pressed the tangs. So I had to cut the wires...

n578md, very nicely done on a mighty fine looking bike! - I'm knocked out by the hard bags - how do you like them?

And... do my eyes deceive me or do you have red lenses on the turn signals on the back? Painted with red clear, or what?

Puzzled to hear the connector shells wouldn't cooperate - the shells rotated right out and off came the wires easily on mine - I can imagine that having to cut the wires and solder added a few strokes to a job well done...

Completely agree with the comments on visibility of the stock turn signals - have yet to find an inexpensive pair that are as bright or as visible - from all meaningful viewing angles (such as you'd find in a typical bases - loaded 4-way intersection) - as the stockers. Like 'em, love 'em, or hate em, you can definitely see 'em. Some of the aftermarket turn signals I've seen pretty much disappear in broad daylight - IMHO, not good.

That said... the Kuryakins look dynamite... and BRIGHT... clicked on the link and spent too much time today on Kuryakins web site checking those out, thanks to valveburner - I mean, rodburner :-D


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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