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Some cold rainy day, I need to set to work on cutting some
factory signals down; I've got some extra laying around,
thanks for the link.

I belong to the camp of actually liking the factory signals,
more importantly the lens. But those arms DO make them
stick out there quite a bit.... very functional, but not very
flattering to the bike.

Is there anybody out there who knows of a good product for
painting the plastic housings? I would imagine I'll hafta
sand the chrome finish down before painting them,
but I want as smooth and glossy a Black finish as I
can give them. And that might be to include painting the
tail lamp ("pod") the same glossy Black as well.

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That BonnieBagger is SHARP,
those abbreviated signals CLEAN,
running lamps an added BONUS,
and factory lenses conspicuously SAFE!

I am blown away by the marriage of that seat to those bags, looks like it was meant to be. May I be the first to ask for a good shot of the whole bike? I believe we've seen it before, but you owe it to us to bust our eyes AGAIN.

That is one sweeeeet package!
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