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Kathy and I are leaving this afternoon for the "Range of light. Gypsy Tour"
We have never been able to do it as we could not connect the dots and we could not be vendors as it is a rolling rally.

So I guess we will have to take the time to be participants

We ride to Napa this afternoon not knowing anything about what we are going to do for the weekend!!
Tonight they tell us were we are going Saturday and the same thing SUnday, Of course Monday is home, BUT where the heck will we be?

Kathy and I literally have not camped in 20 years .... Yes we camp in the Sprinter but I mean real "dirt diving"
So our "stuff" is 25 years old! The sleeping bags are so big I can only get one in each saddlebag .. it worked, The pads and tent went into our new 49ner bag with the dividers removed. From there we were golden.

Here are the finished packing ready to go motos, Bags getting ready, and our Kitty making sure there is nothing of interest in the tent.

See ya all Tuesday

Richard & Kathy


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