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Calling all Choppers, Fabricators, and Builders

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Have you have ever had to Build your bike from a bucket of parts?

Hand fabricate a special bracket because what you need cant be bought in a magazine?

Build you bike to a vision that was in your head instead of just buying a production bike?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you need to check out this months Bike Of The Month.

I wasn't going to post something like this but what the hell... It is at the half way point and its a 3 way tie for first place. All the bikes are cool and they all have their own unique stories along the way but i just don't get it.:confused:...... They all look like an off the shelf production bike to me.

I wouldn't think buying a bike from a store and putting it in front of a "pretty" background classifies for winning BOTM although maybe im wrong. Its up to the people that take the time to vote.

Either way check it out and vote however you feel. (i had to say that)

This is the link to my bikes story and more pics. Even if she isn't your style, you go to respect the work involved. The story says it all

and here is a link to B.O.T.M.
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It's no longer a tie, you're up front.

I wonder the same thing about "store bought" bikes, like the cafe racer section is 95% Thruxtons (not that there's anything wrong with store-bought and Thruxtons).
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