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I know a handful of people here are running 412s like me, so maybe this will help. The original rubber bushings blew out, so I got in contact with Progressive Suspension and switched to poly bushings. Part number 5025-10 from them for anyone who needs order some up to make the switch. Here's how I spent the afternoon:

Something tells me this might be the source of my "clunk." A small deep well socket (it was maybe a 9 or 10 mm, one that necks down slightly) pushed the metal sleeves out easily and then the rest of the bushing comes out without a fuss.

Old and new.

This makes replacement a hell of a lot easier. You can fight the bushings all 4 times, or just make this. A 3/4 in PVC pipe connector(or end cap in this case) just happens to have the same I.D. as the shock eye. I trimmed the end off square and then used a medium sized half-round file to add a nice shallow internal bevel in the wider end. Liberal use of grease throughout the process from here on out.

Starting the bushing into the PVC guide. The smoother and shallower the internal bevel, the easier this step is. I used an unmounted vise on it's side just to make holding the shock in the next step easier. Note the small external bevel on the left edge of the guide. This is to clear the weld on the shock eye.

Line it all up with an appropriate sized socket to press it into the eye. Remove from vise and pop it the rest of the way in with a slight nudge.

Note, I used one of the included sets of metal sleeves on my original installation of these shocks (included to adapt these shocks to different size mounting studs). That metal sleeve was pushed into the new bushings before shock installation. The larger diameter metal sleeves from the original bushings were not reused.

Looking forward to a clunk-free ride tomorrow:cool:
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