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Hi all,

Despite the amusing title, a friend of mine (no really, it's not me) was attempting to reassemble his front forks ( he just had the fork lowers powder coated) on his 00 (or 02?) Legend. although following the Haynes manual he got his lines crossed somewhere and inserted the upper "bush" prior to inserting the upper tube. As the tube now won't fit down past the upper bush due to the tube mounted lower bush (that's a lot of bush) he's attempting to remove the lower bush again without destroying it in the process. The problem is, it's in there tight.. very tight, with next to no place to try to "grab" it at the bottom.

Anyone know how to get it out? He's been giving me the play by play over the phone and I'm trying really hard not to laugh at his dismay but it is getting difficult! :D

He would have asked himself but his PC has a virus... he's batting a 1000 as of late.

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