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Hi all,

As many know, British Customs' Predator Pro exhaust is very awesome and very loud (why I bought them). However, there are times in life that it would be nice to tune them down a bit (momentarily). For example, when I go to get an inspection (to not raise so many red flags when I pull into shop), when I occasionally leave for work at 4AM and all my neighbors are sleeping, when I am riding with another bike, etc.

The Quiet Cores seem to be a pretty awesome answer to put in with one screw and then take out. I have the following configuration:
  • BC Predators Exhaust
  • BC Air Box Removal Kit
  • Air Injection Removal Kit
  • O2 Sensor removal
  • TTP Tune 12

I understand that I would be losing power by ultimately "bottlenecking" my mufflers but I am curious whether it would HURT the bike and/or what else I might be able to expect from using the Quiet Cores. Again, I am talking about keeping them in my backpack and occasionally using them.

Let me know. Thanks!
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