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brembo / pazzo lever install:

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hey guys,

has anyone fittted a pazzo lever to their brembo MC?

the ONLY thing i can see that's keeping me in the way of getting the lever off is this tiny little sleeve that's in the knob of the adjustment screw on the MC.

am i to take that small sleeve out, or do something else? (before i wreck that sleeve taking it out)

thanks in advance,

note: the adjustment for the lever travel obviously doesn't come out. so it leaves me to think that tiny sleeve is the only thing keeping that knob on.

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On 2007-02-11 17:08, Avi8or wrote:
Is that a grub screw there? If it is then shouldn't be a prob to take out/
that's a good question avi8tor.
there doesn't seem to be any type of head or notches if it is a screw.
-- i originally thought it was a punch or sorts that i could punch out and replace.

another guy on a diff' forum said to unscrew the adjuster there, but i gave it a pretty manly twist and it won't budge. (just want to avoid wrecking the piece)

no worries, i have an email into pazzo.
On 2007-02-11 19:34, Triple_Rider wrote:
that's a roll pin, use a small punch to push it out. It will take some effort, a small hammer may help.
If you plan on re-using the pin, you "should" get a replacement. They're designed for a one time use, but could realisticly be used a couple of times.

AHHHH!! THANK YOU TR! thank you, thank you. just saw a "kit" for the replacement brembo lever and it does indeed include the roll pin. (from brembo)


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1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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