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brand new 2003 955 for 8200

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$8,199 for a Brand new zero miles with warranty bike

seems kinda high still.
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I think you could talk that price down some. Just let them know that as long as that bike has been sitting there it's obvious that people aren't beating the door down to buy it. I'm sure the manager would like to move it!

Hell, the manager wanted to move the brand new '04 Daytona I bought in May of '05. I asked him how bad he gave me a price. I said (this will show you how bad he wanted to move it), "Give me the price w/ a highmont, hugger, and tank pad." After he gave me the price I gave him $1000 to hold it.

I got it for $7800 OTD.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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