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Hi everyone,

I've recently bought a scrambler, and a the black reservoir replacement.

Naive me assumed this would be a really simple swap, and I'm sure to most people it would be....

I thought I followed instructions etc, but now there is zero pressure in the brake lever and I'm stuck. I'd like to avoid limping it to the dealer with the rear brake only, for them to charge me for a piss easy fix.

The reservoir is full of fluid. I've done the pump the lever a million times, release the nipple on the brake to release air, re-close, release lever. Zero result, although air seems to have stopped and fluid only is released. If I hold my thumb over the nipple hole and depress the lever I can feel a tiny amount of pushback, but I mean tiny.

Nothing has been replaced other than the reservoir. Nothing has been broken or tampered with other than the top hose and opening the bleed nipple thing.

Help me out and save me the embarrassment of seeing the dealer with an amateurs issue!

(I'd appreciate the mods moving this to a more relevant forum category, but i was unable to initially post there.)
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