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As you've probably seen, there are three bolts to be removed and all three are accessible without removing any of the plastic.

BUT. There are connections on the lower right side of the tank that will require you to remove the tail section plastic. That requires removal of the grab rail and an additional two bolts in the back. The front of the plastic is held in place by three grommets on each side, then gently pull it back and up. The rear plastic has three sections and they come off as a unit. Don't forget to disconnect the rear light before pulling the plastic off.

At the tank, there are two fuel quick disconnects. You may want to get new o-rings when you do this. In any case, be very careful not to nick the o-rings when re-installing. There's also two small diameter drain hoses connected to two of the three nipples. Don't worry about the third nipple. And there are two electrical connectors.

All that being said, if you think your problem is "old" fuel, you're much easier off to siphon the gas out and just refill.

Good luck,
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