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Boosting heat output in 05-06 Triumph factory grips

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You guys (and gals) who live in California, Arizona, and the Deep South may be satisfied with your 05-06 Sprint factory heated grips.

But for those of us in the northern, midwest, or east coast states, or our British/Scottish/Irish brethren, the grips just don't put out enough heat when temps drop below 50 Fahrenheit or so. At 58 degrees north latitude in Juneau, Alaska, I may have the farthest north Sprint in North America, so I am particularly interested in hot grips! Even riding from Missoula, Montana to Spokane, Washington on this past September 1, the temps. over the passes were in the low 40s and my hands were cold with the grips on high.

I was told by a guy who owned both an 05 and an earlier Sprint that Triumph received complaints that the pre-05 factory grips were just too hot, and the high setting was practically unusable. So, Triumph cut back the heat output, but way too much, in my opinion. On my bike, the heat output on low is barely noticeable, and high seems about what low should be.

So, the question is, how can we Sprint riders in colder climates boost the heat output in our grips? A related question is how did Triumph cut the heat output from the pre-05 grips to the 05-06 version? Either the grips have less wiring, or Triumph put in a different resistor in the switch to reduce the amperage going to the grips.

In the latter case, all we would have to do is replace the switch with either a pre-05 version, or since that version may be too hot, replace the resistor with higher amperage version, or replace the switch with a rotary dial like a Heatroller used on heated jackets.

Anybody out there with electrical knowledge with advice on this issue? Or someone with a multimeter and access to both an 05-06 Sprint and a pre-05 Sprint with factory grips who can check the amperage going to the grips?

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You might want to try wearing gloves in addition to the grips. :cool:

Just a chilly Midwestern rider who is considering getting these added in the coming weeks, I am seriously interested to see if anyone has some (valuable) input on this topic.

Hopefully, my dealer will have a set installed on a bike that I can try out before dropping the $200, but if not it would be nice to know if mods are possible.

Never having experienced the heated grip temps myself, I wonder if it might be possible that the ones installed on your bike are defective? I don't think I've come across another thread with a complaint that they aren't hot enough.
I have factory heated grips on my '06 Sprint & Hot Hands
grips on my 2000 Sprint. The Hot Hands heated grips are much hotter. Like Alaska said, it's hard to tell they are working at all on low on the '06. Hot Hands are much harder to install as they are universal, but I will be using
them on future machines. It has'nt even gotten really cold yet here in Tennessee.
I've got the dual star style heated grips on mine and they are VERY warm. Toasty on low in the low 40's, and downright HOT on high. Plus this is a much cheaper option than the factory grips.

DJ -- I have heard from a couple of other 05-06 owners that their grips don't get very hot either.

Part of the problem is that just wearing warmer gloves doesn't help, the thicker the glove, the less heat gets from the grip to your hand.

I can ride comfortably in the low 30s with my ski gloves and hot packs, but that kind of defeats the whole point of spending $200 on Triumphs heated grips!

I'm hoping that Triumph took the simple approach when they cut the heat output of the grips and just reduced the amperage with a resistor in the switch. That would be an easy mod to make.

I would guess you are out of luck. I have heated grips on my '06 and am happy with them but... I wouldn't consider the low setting capable of heating the grips. I always start out on high and drop to low once the grips are warm.

I haven't studied the harness but suspect the grips are wired in series. Parallel wiring would bump the high setting output up (4x), the low setting down and probably burn out the heating elements.
As it is the install instructions warn not to use the high setting continuously.

Sarcastic design review deleted.
I really like the heated grips for my 20 mile commute, but if I were to go long distances in the cold, I'd probably look for some heated gloves. In 40-60F temps, the grips work well with my lighter gloves. Below 40F or so I wear my heavier gloves and while I can't feel the grips as much, they do help and I can sure tell when they're off.

The switch for the grips just controls a relay that sends current to the grips, so if there is a resistor for the high position as well as the low position, it will be with the relay and not the switch. This makes it harder to measure, and means that you won't be able to use a heatroller in place of the switch.

I don't know about the earlier grips, but mine draw about 2.5A on low and 3.1A on high.
Mark, thanks for the info. Maybe swapping relays with a pre-05 version would do the trick, will look into this.

I know it's not a "solution" but I recently got Gerbing's glove liners. Not the most comfortable things, but man they are WARM. If you go this way be SURE to get the controller, otherwise your hands will be on FIRE.
I recently put a set of Triumph grips on my '01 Sprint and a set of Symtec (same as dualstar) on my DR650. The symtec heaters go under your existing grips and only cost $30. They get significantly warmer than the Triumph grips. Quite disappointed that I spent the $200 when I could have gotten better heat output for $30.
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