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Bonnie 2, Boredom Zero

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OK, I'll come clean. I so dig the Goodwood Green Bonnie I bought 45 days ago, and I so want to go down many conflicting modification paths, that I'm buying a used Black to f- with this winter. Keeping the Green fairly stock and classic, and will turn the Black into a scramthruxville hybrid. Suggestions welcome. Pix to follow. Stop me before I.....
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Stop you? No way. Keep going. I was thinking about a Scramber but I am also thinking about a Royal Enfield. I am down to only 3 bikes now.
I guess getting an older Triumph would be like dating your ex-girlfriends mother. Been there, doing that.
I also read an English classic bike mag & they were talking about the Enfield with UK specs. They don't mention that over here so I bet they are not the same. But my neighbors sure looks good. Sounds good too. He actually looks down on my Bonnie. The jerk.
I guess the Enfield being the same bike they built many years ago it would still have the same old problems.
I think a Scrambler would be better. And a Thrux. I made my very last house payment last month so that is $500.00 a month I could spend. Go BOB go.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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