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can you guys help shed some light on this question. i can get a used thruxton or a new bonne black for close to the same price and wanted to know the difference between the two because i like some features on both. so far this is what i got as differences:

thrux has that bonne doesn't:
racing stripe
handle bars are lower(streetbike)
18 inch wheel rather than 19

is there anything i missed that are different. anything that would change performance, style and riding position from one bike to the other like footpegs?

thanks in advance.

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Longer rear shocks to alter front end geometry.
Thicker wall fork tubes.
Alloy rims.
Preload adjusters on the forks.
Fenders "bobbed" from the factory.
Different seat (better comfort at least for me between it and the Bonnie) with Cowl.
Upswept reverse megaphone exhaust - free of the dreaded "kink".
Different alloy headlight mounts.
320mm floating front disc.
Rear set footpegs.
Extreme riding position compared to Bonnie - try em both out.
Motor changes depending on years and styles of bike you are looking at. Thrux is an 865 motor, so are 07 Bonnies.
Probably a few others as well.

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Thruxton has
Bigger front brake rotor
Adjustable pre-load front forks
Clip on bars
Alumium head light bracket
Seat & cowl
Shorter fender's
Longer rear shocks
Rear set foot pegs
Up swept exhaust
Different needles in the carbs
18" front rim (with longer rear shocks, steers quicker)
Aluminum rims front and rear (won't rust like Bonnie)
Tach (the T-100 has a tach as well)
All the things I wanted on a Triumph, the Bonnie and scrambler seat will fit the Thruxton if you want a change.

Sorry for the repeat Thrux-ton-up

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-Bonnie Black has blacked out engine
-Believe Bonnie Black uses the 790cc (60hp SAE?)engine and has less hp than the 865cc (69hp SAE)
-Different styled mufflers

What year Bonnie Black are you looking at? I'm biased towads the Thrux since I own one, but if you find the Thrux's riding position not too uncomfortable the go with the Thrux!

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I made that comment once (Thrux has a naughtier cam) and was bashed by other members here saying the Thruxton didn't have different cams! I found on a Triumph web page said they were, also they said the carbs were different, well maybe not the carb alone but the needle come to find out. In my opinion the Thruxton was a better buy with more of the good stuff, for me.

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On 2007-02-20 20:47, Panthermark wrote:
Tough choice.....
I take it you are new to riding...while I love the Thrux, if I were you, I would get the black....only because you would have 2 years of warranty on it.
yes, i am new and a triumph will be my first buy. initially my pick was the black, but since someone is selling a thrux with 350 miles on it, i thought that was a good deal. the thrux still has warranty coverage til next year.

thing is that i don't really like the forward style riding position like sportbike, but i do like most upgrades that the thrux has that the bonne doesn't. so i pretty much wanna make the riding position of the thrux into the bonne but keep everything else the same.

so pretty much what has to change is the handle bars and the footpegs. i know the hangle bars can change but not sure about the pegs. and on top of that, have to decide weather it is worth changing or it is better off just adding upgrades to a bonne.

just my delima. thanks for the help everyone and ride safe.
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