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Hey guys
I fitted LED indicators, motogadget m blaze pins, on a ‘19 T100. All was well for awhile, then when I opened up the headlight the other day to take off a yellow film I put on, I look over an hour later and the left hand side indicators are just on. Not blinking, but dimly lit. If I turn on hazard lights, left side turns off and sometimes back right turns on. I never messed w electrical besides unplugging and replugging in headlight.

Super weird. I’ve double checked all my connections, even re doing some that looked subpar but had worked previously. Pretty certain its none of the 4 indicator connections. Sometimes the lights turn off and everything is normal, then without anyone touching the bike they turn back on. Really not sure what to do at this point besides take the bike into the dealer to see if it’s an actual issue. Had the bike for exactly 2 months..

If anyone has seen this before or know what could possibly be an issue that’d be amazing.
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