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Greetings All,

I have two main items to address for here.

First, |uggage racks for a Triumph Bonneville...what fits to a 2005 Bonneville cleany and supportively?

I have read through too many posts about items that fit our 'bikex'...
it seems like there are many out there riding Triumph Motorcycles when they should be not be.

Second, (I've posted about this before) this forum should have a technical library that is ACCESSABLE. I might have spelled that correctly or wrong, and that is not the point.

Other forums are better organized so as to have a concise library that informs about each page, so I have seen.

This forum's libarary is lacking (I say) in that it reffers to posted threads and wastes too much time that way by not having specific technical issues listed in an index of a Library Contents. Then the supply of postings that make up the listings in what is available for answers (of what is called a Library herea bouts) is only the linked sets of postings that involve the question (PHRASE FOR THE SEARCH TO PICK UP?)/or what it seems to be (it being the Topic to reply to).

How about the forum library lists a problem and then does supply an answer for that question ( by means of a review of the postings and the answers that get to a resolution that is agreed upon or otherwise correctly verified among peers with relevant experience .. perhaps what the Library would have would be readilly accessible and accurate because it was made so.

I do not think that my Triumph was made of crap. I do not know about the rest of you all. If all of us are here and some of us are too lazy to work on our words, let us realize that some of all of us are too lazy to correctly work on Triumphs... and so on and so forth... .
End Note
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