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hello there fellas
Does anyone know a oem part no or which bike uses a vacume petcock with the same bolt pattern/outlet that will fit on the bonne/thrux/tbird bikes?
I think i remember them coming of a kawi 750 and we used to install them at my old shop but i just seem to have forgotten which bike....

cheers lads


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Geoff, your link doesn't work for me, but this one should:

The picture in that thread looks very much like the petcock from a Ninja 250, I wonder...

As far as the Zephyr 750 part goes, here is a link to the fiche at Ron Ayers. Kawi P/N 51023-1175.

If you want to try the Ninja 250 tap for research purposes, part number is 51023-1139.

Cheers, HTH,
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