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Bluetooth Intercom and FM Reception

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Has found a Bluetooth Intercom that will receive FM as well? The Cardo Scala Rider Teamset seems like a great idea, but they tell me it can't be paired with anything else. They also make an FM model that lets you listing to mono FM, but it can't be paired with another one.

Bottom line is that I want to listen to XM radio via FM and not have to use ear buds and at the same time have a wireless intercom.

I've never used an intercom before, and it doesn't seem like being tethered to a box would be very comfortable. Any help would be appreciated.


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I had a J&M unit years ago on a dresser. And I have a motocomm unit now. Not so bad on the J&M, as the headset screwed into the helmet. The Motocmm is adecent uint for the money. On the J&M if I walked away and forgot to dis-umbilical it was only a small jerk. On the Motocomm unit I risk yanking the ear pieces apart, as they are a lot less forgiving. Both use PS2 style cord ends (like a mouse or keyboard use). You can just stick the Motocmm in your coat, but I don't like having something that is going to fall under me if a I fall off (and leave a nice big bruise).
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