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Blue tooth technology

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Hi I don't know where to post this so i will try here and on the Sprint forum.
Recently I caved in and got myself a cell phone I got a Samsung 640 with built in camera and lots of other stuff ie games ..... the phone have Blue tooth technology which is one of the main reasons I picked it in the line up.
From what I understand BT is voice activated and a head set can be mounted inside the liner in a full face helmet.
Does anyone here have any first hand experience with this?
There are lots of different head sets available on the market if anyone have any suggestions please let me know.
i want to make sure I get something with good quality both for using the phone/intercom system bike to bike and also for listening to music.Since I never had a suitable bike for any longer distance riding this is all new to me.
Suggestions are welcome
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I agree completely with you.

Not to be a wet blanket, but the last thing I want while I am riding is to be discussing anything on a telephone.

IMHO it causes a lapse in concentration which is not good for your health on a MC.

But that's just me.

DaveM :cool:
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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