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Hi Guys,
Probably a complete shot in the dark, but has anyone experienced the ignition fuse blowing on their bikes?
I have a 2010 Bonneville EFI and it has happened to me on 4 separate occasions now.
I have checked all the wiring and cannot find anything 'obvious' and really was looking for some advice please

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The circuit branches two ways off the fuse - one to supply fuel pump (via relay) and the other leg feeds the kill switch/ECM/and Instruments.
Unfortunately, if the problem is not immediately reproduceable upon replacing fuse, it is hard to diagnose.
You may consider putting a separate fuse in the Fuel pump circuit and then you would be able to determine at least which leg is causing the issue, next time it fails.
Smaller fuse for the test leg is better - 5A should be adequate. (it can actually go in either path - Fuel Pump or Ignition circuit)

Have you done anything with the bars?
You might check the right bar switch, make sure nothing is shorting there (from Kill/Run circuit) against the bar. You can always wrap some electrical tape around the bar (hidden by switch anyway once installed) as additional precaution if that is suspect.
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