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I have always wanted to document my journey with a motorcycle - when I got it, what I do to it to make it mine and update it, till I decide to move on.

I have seen others do this on the forums, so I am going to try and do the same. I am not doing anything crazy cool, unique or radically different. So, don't expect a crazy cafe racer build like one of those TV shows :grin2:

Anyways, here goes!

History: So, this is my 2nd thruxton - I used to own a 2010 Thruxton. Bought it used and sold it after a year or so, I have always missed it. I landed up getting a couple of other motorcycles, but still always missed and wanted a Thruxton. No other bike has true essence and heritage of a cafe racer. Sure BMW, Yamaha and others can make one, but Triumph cafes will always have my heart!

What prompted me to buy another was basically, when the new 1200's came out, a lot of 900's seemed orphaned on dealership floors. They were especially tempting, when they were discounting them heavily to get rid of them! :)

Purchase date: 11/12/2016
Model: 2015 Triumph Thruxton 900 A2
Color: Brooklands Green
Odometer: 7 miles
Dealership: Sun and Fun Motorsports, Iowa City, Iowa!

On the way to Iowa City - I left early in the AM. You can see the sun coming up I was impressed with my little CR-V. It pulled the trailer to and from with no issues. Also, the u-haul trailer was decent all in all.

Like an anxious child outside a school waiting for parent pick-up - they had it sitting outside all ready for me! The green is much better in person than in pictures.

Securely tied down. Many thanks to all the forum posts that provided the tie-down points etc:

Back at home safe and sound!


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January 14th, 2017:

Started my 1st round of upgrades to the bike. I installed the following:

1) Motone Fender Eliminator kit with LED Lucas style tail lamp
2) Motone black billet aluminum rear turn signals with clear lenses
3) Motone quick release seat bolts (XL)
4) Motone quick release side cover bolts
5) Motone rectifier relocation bracket
6) Motone oil cap
7) Motone front turn signal bracket
8) Motone black billet aluminium front turn signals with clear lenses
9) Motone choke knob

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