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I had a Nat Cycle Flyscreen LS on my bike for a while. It's a lot smaller than the EX, thought. Mine didn't do much, wind-wise, but I'll be putting it back on after I fix my clocks 'cause it looks pretty cool. :-D


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I know of two steering damper kits.
The Belgium company Toby produced a kit for the T300 Speed Triple, and I managed to pick one of these up for my T300 Sprint.
See TOBY - unfortunately their current catalog no longer shows this kit, but you could contact them. I believe Toby have sourced a number of WSB (World SuperBike) teams with their steering dampers, in case you may not have heard of them?

The other kit is produced by Sprint Dampers in the UK.
See Sprint Dampers S3 kit.

Both kits follow the same fixing format, and were developed for the Speed Triple Cup racing series. The mounting bar on top of the cylinder head is a thick angled metal plate in the Toby kit, and you may think the Sprint Damper mounting to be the better looking with its machined alloy construction. You can buy the mounting bar separately from Sprint Dampers (I have also got hold of one of these, as I have 2 T300s).

One option for you, being in the States, would perhaps be to buy the (Sprint Damper's?) mounting bar and then source a (US) damper & fork clamp locally?


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