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I was reading another line on this forum where some guy was bashing Bikers Edge in Wichita, KS. I totally disagree with your take on them..

I have been in that store many times and I love the way I am treated. Not just by their service department, but by the parts department, as well as the sales staff. I have always been treated like one of the family and I really like the fact they started a RAT Pack. It gives me an even greater opportunity to get together with my fellow riders.

I gotta say that they are the Greatest when it come to getting my bike serviced.

Every time I go in there, they have added more TRiumph Stuff.

Thanks guys for the great service. :clap: :chug:

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I have been going into Bikers edge for several years now, bought my Bonnieville last summer and have had no complaints. usually have all I need and no problems with service either.
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