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Which of the 10 Moderators bikes is Bike of the Month ?

  • Propforward - Bonneville

    Votes: 16 13.6%
  • Catennacio - Speed Four

    Votes: 2 1.7%
  • HiDesert - Daytona

    Votes: 5 4.2%
  • DaveM - Sprint

    Votes: 2 1.7%
  • DEcosse - Speed Triple/Daytona

    Votes: 5 4.2%
  • Mick Maguire - Thunderbird

    Votes: 38 32.2%
  • TripleThreat - Daytona 675

    Votes: 14 11.9%
  • Lee - Rocket III

    Votes: 6 5.1%
  • GrandPaulZ - Vintage

    Votes: 24 20.3%
  • welshrob - Speed Triple

    Votes: 6 5.1%
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We are revamping the Bike of the Month competition.

For the first 3 weeks of the month members are asked to submit their own Triumph motorcycle pic into the monthly thread and if the bike is not stock then list any changes that may have been done to it. If you also have a story on why or how you bought it then post that along with your pic. Submit one post only with a maximum of 4 pics.

For the last week of the month the rest of the members will be asked to vote on a poll to decide which is their favourite bike pic.

The winner will have his bike featured on the Home Page for the following month.

To start off the month of March we are asking the Moderators to kick-off this competition and submit their own personal Triumphs and for the members to vote on them.

Members pics will be requested from the month of April onwards. Due to limitations on Poll voting the first 10 entries qualify to each month's competition, additional entries beyond that will be moved into the following month's competition.

Join in and let's see what your favourites are !


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Propforwards 2007 Bonneville Black

Name: Bonnie (oh the sheer imagination of that choice of name)
Year: 2007
Model: Bonneville Black
Eng size: 865
Pipes: TORs
Seat: Corbin. Good for a full day of riding, no problem at all.
Wheels: The stockers. I like spokes.
Accessories: Simple stuff - Tach, knee pads, centerstand, fork gators. If a T100 had it, I added it. Also Ikon springs in the front forks - much better than stock. This is the bike as it was at the end of the 08 riding season. This year it is a little different - we'll save that for another month. Added Triumph city bags to it - they're allright, if a little expensive. Gave it a mild tune with a dynojet kit, which improved throttle response. Again - a less mild tune is nearly finished, for even better throttle response.

And the story: After moving to the USA in 1998 my time became taken up very quickly with orienting myself, and getting established. I showed up with my two bags, (carrying type devices, not annoying ladies) and then set about building the propforward empire (such as it is). I acquired a ZX1100 in 1999 - but for some reason motorcycling sort of slipped onto a back burner, and so the years slipped away while I worked at building a company and getting a green card. That took all my time - and the goal was achieved in 2006. At which point I sat back and started remembering that there is more to life than work. So I got the Ninja online and started riding again - what fun. Summer 2007 rolled around, and one day, I clicked on the Triumph website, which I had not looked at since 1999. Had not looked at a bike mag, or checked out a show, or checked online at all in all that time.

I find Triumph are making modern classsics. I must have one. Like - now!

And so - to the dealer. Picked one up right away. No looking back - it was a shame to throw those biking years away, but no point worrying about that now. Ride the bike as far and as often as possible. It's great, I live it, and I want a second Bonnie to turn into a cafe bike for fun.

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Catenaccio's 2003 Speed Four (and the butt end of the Speed Triple)

FMF titanium pipe; K&N filter; Triumph rear hugger; SkyKing bar end mirrors, muffler brace, and undertail; Beringer brakes; Osram Night Breakers.

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Side view:

Front view:

the other side:

rear view:

Name: Misty
Year: 2004
Model: Daytona 955i
Eng size: 955
Pipes: TOR Carbon fiber
Seat: Sargent. Pretty nice, although it gives me sore spots at the bottom of my glutes after about 4 days' riding.
Wheels: Yep. Got two.
Accessories: Clipon risers. That's about it, apart from the seat and pipe. She doesn't need anything else.
And the story: I had a T595 when I lived in Austria for a couple of years. It met an untimely end a few months before we moved back. When we got back to New Mexico, I knew I wanted another Triumph, preferably a Daytona, Sprint, or one of those fantastic twins (I love them all, but especially the Scrambler and Thruxton); the Speed Triples are too cool as well, Rockets rock, and I also... What? Oh, right, back to the story. So I started shopping around, checking dealerships from Phoenix to Denver. I found the perfect bike right down at PJ's in Albuquerque. It's been a gem; I've put 14,000 miles on it since I bought it in August of 2007. She's even taught me valuable lessons, like how unsporting it would be to point out that I'm the only one following the information format given in the rules. Ahem. Yes, well, there she is.

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Custom Speed Triple/Daytona

1998 Frame/Plastics (T509)
2002 Daytona 147 HP motor
1050 Speed Triple Radiator/Daytona Oil Cooler
'Tuneboy' tuned ECM with 'Massive Midrange II' tune (by Cerberus)
Blufleame Exhaust with ceramic coated Daytona headers
K6 GSXR 1000 Kayaba USD Forks/Tokico Radial Brakes conversion incl Radial M/C
Custom D'Ecosse axle/rotor/caliper Spacers/custom D'Ecosse top triple clamp/ Custom D'Ecosse Steering Stop
Dymag Wheels with Michelin Pilot Powers
Fox Racing rear shock
Braking Wave Rotors
GSXR OEM front fender

Limit Naked mirrors
Billet grips/bar ends
29mm bars / risers
LED turn signals

CRG levers

Acumen Gear Indicator
Corbin seat
SW Motech Bags Connection 'Vina' tank bag.

Bike started life as a (somewhat) mild-mannered T509 Speed Triple, with the first gen FI 885cc motor.
The only remaining original components as bike left the factory, are the frame, swing arm, plastics & headlights. Everything else has been replaced, including entire wiring harness, instruments, cooling system and all the parts listed above.
Now features Daytona motor which made a major transformation in the power department to tune of some 40 HP!
Handling has been enhanced with fully adjustable gas-charge Fox Racing Shock at rear end, with complete GSXR front end. I designed all the custom components for the front end myself in 3D CAD including full custom top triple clamp with perfectly functioning ignition steering lock. Parts were all fabricated on CNC.
I should add none of this came out about due to blown engine or damage - as much for the fun & challenge of making those changes as well as the benefits that came from it. It just kept evolving! :p

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New post added to take advantage of rules changes that allow multiple pictures... Can't edit previous post, so I just added a new one... Mods, please delete previous post...

Here are a few pics of my dedicated 2006 Daytona 675 Track Bike...

Angled View of Complete Bike

WoodCraft Stator Cover, WoodCraft GP Shift Rearsets and T3 SharkFin

Matris Steering Damper

In Action at Mid-Ohio

The bike has the following mods:

WoodCraft Clipons
WoodCraft Stator Cover
WoodCraft Crank Cover
WoodCraft GP Shift Rearsets
Ohlins Triple Adjustable Rear Shock
GP Suspension 20mm Fork Cartridges
Matris Steering Damper
Yoyodyne Race Fairing Stay
Pazzo Racing Adjustable Shorty Levers
LighTech Keyless Gas Cap
T3 Shark Fin Sprocket Guard
Triumph Race ECM
Triumph Race Harness
Exup Valve Removed
CAT Removed
O2 Sensor Removed
Air Intake Flapper Assembly Removed and Custom Delrin Block off plug installed
Evap Canister Removed
Idle Stepper Motor Removed
Triumph Race Idle Adjuster Installed
Triumph Speed Triple 1050 Throttle Tube
Secondary Air Injection System Removed
TOR Exhaust (Probably soon to be replaced by an Arrow Stage 2 Race Exhaust)
Catalyst Racing Composites Bodywork (Custom painted by me)
TechSpec Tank Grips
Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windscreen

This obsession all started in May of 2006. I was the happy owner of a 2001 Neon Blue Speed Triple. I'd been involved as the co-leader of our Indianapolis based RAT Pack for a while with my brother. I was itching to get a new bike. One that I could do a couple of track days on. The dealer knew that I was wanting to ride the new 675, so when the demo truck came to town, he called me and asked if I would come and help lead demo rides. Wicked man, he is...

So, after spending two days helping lead demo rides, getting to ride every bike in the triumph fleet, and putting about 300 miles on the two 675's they had in the demo fleet, I was hooked. Before I left the dealership on the second day, I had placed my order for a 2006 Daytona 675 in Graphite. I picked it up on June 1, 2006 and sold my 2001 Speed Triple about a week later.

After a few hundred miles, the first service and then the completion of the brake-in period, the itch to take it to the track really started. I met a guy the weekend of the demo rides who had just placed an order for a Scorched Yellow 675 and we immediately hit it off. We started planning our track adventures, purchased race bodywork, full leathers, signed up for NESBA and took our bikes to the track that October.

The bug hit us hard... I ended up buying a 7 1/2 x 18 Aluminum Trailer Company Enclosed Trailer that will haul 6 bikes and the trips to GingerMan, Gratten, Barber and Putnam Park all followed in that first year. The next October, I suffered my first minor lowside at the track in Turn 7 at Putnam Park. I had repairs made that night and was back at the track on Sunday.

Over the winter, I decided that if I was really going to do this I needed a dedicated track bike, so I sold my customized 94 Mazda Miata and bought a salvage 675 out of Ohio with only cosmetic damage. I was tired of switching my original 675 back and forth between track and street trim and decided if I was going to take this to the next level I really wanted to make some mods to the bike that wouldn't be very advantagous on the street.

The madness had really started to sink in hard... All of the mods you see above were performed over the winter and I took the new bike out on the track for the first time in April. All the mods paid off, as I was able to shave 3 seconds off my time from my last track day last October (the day after my lowside) without even feeling like I was pushing the bike or myself at all. It was pretty effortless and all done while shaking down a brand new bike...

The paint scheme you see is my own design and all logos are painted on and cleared over. I did a detailed thread of this process over on a while back and you can see those details here:

I now have two 675's in the garage, both have Woodcraft Clipons, Pazzo Racing Adjustable Shorty Levers and GP Shift Woodcraft Rearsets so that the controls are identical from bike to bike. Whenever I travel to the track now, I load up both bikes in the trailer, just in case. That way I always have spare parts, or worse case scenario, I can swap the street bike over to track trim in about 30 minutes if need be...

Yes I am a Track Addict, and NO, I Don't want any help... Unless that is, that you want to donate to my track day fund or tire bill!


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1969 Triumph T120R Bonneville 650
Paul Zuniga, Laredo, Texas
"Respect the Classics"

I built it as a 50th birthday present to myself, to go vintage roadracing. I have all kinds of frames, forks, wheels, engines, pipes, tanks, seats and parts, so I just started sorting through the best stuff and found a nice straight unmolested frame, a good set of rebuildable forks, a clean pair of wheels, and a lump that had a very solid bottom end that I wouldn't need to split.

It is completely stock except for .020 overbore & pistons, electronic ignition, Barnett clutch plates, lightweight front fender, and clubman handlebars; all allowed under Production rules.

40 shop hours later (7 days), I had a running bike. I took it to Texas World Speedway, ON MY BIRTHDAY, and got my license after an all-day track school where I aced the written test and finished 4th in the mock race that they use as a "final exam".

This was when it was just completed, before paint & offical AHRMA number-

In my second race as a rookie (hence the orange T-shirt over my leathers), leading the pack into turn 1 at Barber's in Birmingham in 2007-

The track photographer at Bonneville didn't get a shot of my class record run (AHRMA Historic Production Heavyweight, 91.948 MPH), so a buddy of mine took me about a half mile from the pits and we staged this shot- (the number 142 holds an existing Bonneville record, so I was required to change the "1" to a "7")

The bike was flawless through a full season of racing until TWO LAPS from the end of the LAST RACE OF THE SEASON, it dropped a muffler due to a loose bolt, and I was flagged off the track even though the bike could have easily finished the race.

I garnered a 5th place finish in the season points in my rookie year, from a field of 20 riders, most on very hot-rodded 750s including an OHC Honda 750 four and a Triumph Trident 750 triple.

If you've never done it, attend a track school, get your license, and go have some fun!

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My Speed Triple. Looks like it`s propped up on blocks for the pic but it was taken with a high speed lense and I was doing about 80mph.

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Vote here for Bike of the Month - March

Vote above for your choice of the best pic for Bike of the Month - March

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I once read somewhere that the Speed Triple is the type of bike that turns mild mannered business men into street hooligans.

Welshrob got my vote on both counts!

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What an interesting cross-section of Triumphs our mods own and ride. Makes me think the site is in good hands. Well done Mick.
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