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Bike in bits - what should I be checking?

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The title says it all.

I'm back to motorbiking after some 15 years, and am re-learning all over!
I'm making a new luggage rack for my Sprint (as no-one appears to make one for an ST 2003 with factory-fit panniers - so I;m making my own!), and have remove all fairings.

Anyone care to suggest any maintenance I sould be doing while it's stripped to this state?

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Taking off the fairings is not that difficult or time consuming, but I always clean it up a bit when they're off while at the same time I look for any broken, fraid, wires or anything else that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. The timing chain cover along with the other covers are easy to take off at this time. How many miles do you have on the bike? Any problems?

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