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Bike in bits - what should I be checking?

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The title says it all.

I'm back to motorbiking after some 15 years, and am re-learning all over!
I'm making a new luggage rack for my Sprint (as no-one appears to make one for an ST 2003 with factory-fit panniers - so I;m making my own!), and have remove all fairings.

Anyone care to suggest any maintenance I sould be doing while it's stripped to this state?

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Hey thanks for the reply - (sorry I've been away for a few days)

The bike has only got about 3500 km's on it and is generally in very good condition. It's an import (from the USA to NZ - I think) so when it got here the chain and chain guard was covered in thick grease - to protect it from the elements I guess - so that's my first job!

It had a service only 600k's ago, but I'd like to make sure everything else is in order, so if you have any recommendations . . . . ?

1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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