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Big Bore

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Anyone install the Wiseco Big Bore 988 or 904 kits in their standard Bonnie? What kind of power gains can be expected. Any idea on the gas mileage afterward?
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I've added the 904 kit to my 790 bonnie...along with airbox removal, predators, upgraded ecu and jetted properly it's around mid 70 hp

...I recently added 42mm mikuni's, big gain's from this mod by seat of the pant's.

Fuel mileage prior to the mikuni's wasnt alot different, still neighborhood of 40+ mpg.
I had intakes already on my bike from BC...and a airbox removal kit so he cut me a break on the carbs as the kit come's with these items.

The carbs came from Bonneville Performance
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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