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Big Bore

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Anyone install the Wiseco Big Bore 988 or 904 kits in their standard Bonnie? What kind of power gains can be expected. Any idea on the gas mileage afterward?
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just to clarify, this basically means a total engine teardown and rebuild, I think the labor for stroking the crank is in the neighborhood of $600 US, along with another 300 for dynamic balancing (you will lose the counter-balancers) and probably another $400 for Carillo rods, and don't forget the $500 or so the kit costs, along with the engine teardown/rebuild.

Parts alone it easily knocks on $2000, plus you'll need gaskets (not cheap either, but maybe included with the kit), and clutch upgrades, and brake upgrades...

I'd think with good exhaust, some aftermarket carbs, etc this would net about 95rwhp or better, and probably 75-80ft lbs of torque.

Point being, you could destroy any HD custom with a 120'' motor, and hang with most sport bikes up to a point.

It'd be one bad sleeper...
That does sound exciting. I'd love to have a "relic" that eats R6's for breakfast off the line.

$2000 sounds like a lot, but when you think about what HD riders spend on chrome it's nothing...
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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