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Better Bonnie Brakes

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I've noticed that a number of the photos of New Bonnevilles posted on this forum show that EBC floating front discs are widely used. In fact, I use one (along with HH pads, an adjustable brake lever, Metzler tires, and careful bleeding). I know that there is much available to improve the brakes even more. Can any of you suggest additional upgrades? Reasonable cost is preferred...thanks.
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The bike already has good brake lines, Ray Charles could see that.
You can put your hands on a swank Brembo job for about $250. That should give a little better squeeze on the stock caliper, it would probably complement one of those Pretech calipers nicely as well. Both would total to be a cool $750 brake upgrade, and it is still a whole lotta bike to slow down with one brake. It seems like it would work better than the OEM combo, though.

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