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Best year Speed Triple 05-07

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I am new to this forum today and am in the market for a Speed Triple. I have read most of the forums, but was unable locate a search function to find what year is rated best. I like the style of the 05-07 and would rather buy that one, new or used. The best I have found so far is a new 06 black for 9499.00 OTD in California. Is that a good price???

Thanks for any imput,
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You do realized that for only a few dollars more you can get an 07 which has a few upgrades. I bought mine in August, and kind of wished I waited, but I had to have it then and don't regret buying an 06.
It's more than just the small upgrade, it's the first years depreciation that's more of a consideration at this point. If you plan on owing this motorcycle for more than 6 years than get the 06. If you like everyone else and get something new about ever 3 years get the 07. It will make a difference when you sell. You live in Cali so the could start issue might not make a big difference to you anyway.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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