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Best year Speed Triple 05-07

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I am new to this forum today and am in the market for a Speed Triple. I have read most of the forums, but was unable locate a search function to find what year is rated best. I like the style of the 05-07 and would rather buy that one, new or used. The best I have found so far is a new 06 black for 9499.00 OTD in California. Is that a good price???

Thanks for any imput,
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The upgraded ECU for the 07 is a plus, but there is one minus for the new bike: That ugly heat shield is there to disguise the catalytic converter that they've installed in the split.

If you figure to install an aftermarket half system then I say go with the 07. Otherwise it makes little difference, unless you have a favorite color.

Supposedly the 07 has the coated caliper pistons in the brakes as well. A possible plus.

Don't think about it too much, just buy what you want. You can't go wrong with a Speed Triple!
On 2006-12-24 16:35, milqster wrote:

The 06 has a 'precat' that is welded into the midpipe. It can be removed and then the holes (from removal) welded back up, providing a more freely flowing exhaust, which probably requires a new tune download as well. I intend to remove mine...soon as I get some exhaust and a Tuneboy.

Some guidance on precat removal HERE!
Both the 05 and 06 have the pre-cat, and I assume that the 07 does too. I've removed mine but I can't give a report on it yet. The bike's still in pieces for a week or so. I'm waiting on the SAI blockoff plates.

It's a pretty easy project, assuming you can get the holes welded up. Any local welding shop should be able to help you with that for a couple of $.

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